Broxham Football

 A year round Academy for boys and girls aged 8 – 13 years old

At Broxham Football, we believe in bridging the gap in football development in the Australian community. We believe in providing year-round football training for boys and girls aged 8-13 at a disruptive cost in the marketplace. Through our own community football learnings and experience, we want to provide a platform for kids to thrive and be passionate about football.

My daughter participated in the holiday program, and it was brilliant. The coaches were great, not only with how knowledgeable they all were and their ability to communicate the messages to the players, but most importantly how engaging they all were with high energy and a positive approach. It was also a lovely group of children who all trained hard and treated each other with respect. Overall, the program provided spectacular value for money but most importantly was an enjoyable experience. We highly recommend it.

Broxham Football Academy is more than a training ground; it’s a place where young talents flourish, values are instilled, and dreams take flight. We are dedicated to shaping not only great football players but exceptional individuals.

I had some great memories growing up in my community club, I’m trying to recreate that for my kids now…I have amazing memories and I still have friends now that I played with in Under 8s.

Unleash Your Passion For Football