Our Philosophy

Broxham Football Academy is more than a training ground; it’s a place where young talents flourish, values are instilled, and dreams take flight. We are dedicated to shaping not only great football players but exceptional individuals.

Our ultimate goal is to produce confident, skilled, and compassionate individuals who excel in football and contribute positively to society

Our philosophy revolves around five key pillars:

Skill Mastery & Decision Making

We prioritize skill development and decision making as the foundation of success. Our expert coaches create a dynamic and progressive training environment to help players reach their full potential in these areas. We believe in the unique potential of every child. 

Work Ethic and Commitment

A good work ethic on the pitch is a minimum standard at Broxham Football. Being punctual and committed to every thing we do. 

Leadership and Respect

We teach leadership skills and the importance of respect, not just for opponents and teammates, but for oneself. Our players learn that true leadership begins with self-respect and extends to others. We like our players to lead by example.


Academy’s are for learning and excelling but we still aim to find advanced ways to ensure we enjoy our football at the same time

Community Engagement

We see our academy as a hub for the local community. We actively engage parents, guardians, and the wider community in supporting young talent and fostering a sense of belonging.